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These are our small folding wheels offered in four designs. These wheels are ideal for traveling by public transportation and will fit into a “roller board” suitcase measuring at least 17″ wide and 9″ deep. Each wheel is 14 inches wide and 18 inches tall. The wheel is 14 inches. This little spinning wheel is made from red oak or hard maple, depending on style and finished with danish oil. No MDF, particle wood, or plywood.

Each of the four Thimbles are identical with the exception of the design of the wheel itself.
The ‘Basic Thimble’ has a solid wheel.
The ‘All My Love Thimble’ has a solid wheel with hearts cut out.
The ‘Traditional Thimble’ has turned spokes.
The ‘Fairy Thimble’ has Scroll cutout Fairies in the wheel. Custom order only, not an inventory item at this time. Requires two weeks to four weeks depending on production status.

We currently use Red Oak or Hard Maple.
We use Danish Oil to finish all our Thimble spinning wheels since we have found this to leave a much smoother finish than varnish, which swells the end grain.

Orifice height is 28 inches
Wheel is 14 inches in diameter
Two whorls standard
Spinning ratios are 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 10:1 on low speed whorl
Spinning ratios are 12:1, 14:1, 16:1, 18:1 on high speed whorl
Weight is currently 11.5 pounds including the freestanding Lazy Kate.
Double Treadle for easy wheel control
Sealed ball bearings on wheel axle and flyer axle
Steel wheel axle
Steel flyer axle
Scotch Tension is standard
Three bobbins are standard
bobbins have sealed bearings
2 bobbin free standing Lazy Kate
Poly stretchy drive band

Basic Thimble $525.00
All My Love Thimble $625.00
Traditional Thimble $725.00
Fairy Thimble $825.00

One Year guarantee
Specifications subject to change without notice.

All prices are MSRP plus shipping and sales tax if applicable.