FAQ – Answers to questions about your spinning wheel

Question 1. Why does my bobbin and flyer turn at the same speed?

Answer – Scotch Tension may be too loose or not installed. Make sure the Scotch Tension line is over the bobbin groove and the spring is hooked on the hook by the Scotch Tension knob.
Answer – Bobbin is binding against the flyer or whorl. Adjust clearance between bobbin and flyer as follows.
BumbleBee, HoneyBee, CraftyBee – Loosen shaft collar on end of flyer shaft and then loosen setscrew in whorl. Move whorl away from bobbin to provide clearance. The bobbin should
spin freely. Tighten set screw on whorl, tighen shaft colloar to hold flyer axle in place.

Shamrock, Thimbles – Move shaft collar that separates bobbin from upright away from bobbin to provide clearance so that bobbin spins freely. Adjust uprights and shaft collar
on end of flyer shaft to insure flyer spins freely.

Question 2. I do not like the Scotch Tension line on my Wheel. Can I replace it?

Answer – Yes. I use nylon line because it is durable and doesn’t fray as easily, but you can replace it with any type if string you want to use.

Question 3. The spring on my Scotch Tension is to hard to adjust. How do I fix it?

Answer – Replace the spring with a rubber hair band. This will make it less aggressive. This is now standard on all wheels except the CraftyBee.

Question 4. The leather cord keeps breaking. What do I replace it with?

Answer – You can replace it with a number of different items. We now use paracord instead of leather.

Question 5. How do I change a bobbin?

Answer – Go to the video clips page. The video was updated and moved to there.

Question 6. The wheel clunks, as it turns.

Answer – The set screw that holds the wheel to the axle is loose. Use the allen wrench supplied with the wheel to tighten it. Use a pliers to grasp the end of the allen wrench to provide more leverage. (This only applies to the older style of wheels with the exposed metal on the back.)

Question 7. How do I thread the bobbin and flyer?

Answer – The two pictures shown below should answer that question completely.
Click the picture for a larger version. Click again for full size version.
There is also a video of this on the video clips page.