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New for 2016, the CraftyBee wheel has been moved to the back of the upright. This makes for smoother treadling. When folded the CraftyBee is much more stable. Changing Whorls is now a breeze !!

Evolved from the HoneyBee, the CraftyBee is the bulky yarn spinners delight. With a 7 inch long x 4.75 inch diameter plying bobbin and two 4.75 inch jumbo bobbins standard, it will hold a lot of that fabulous bulky yarn you wish to spin. Upgrade with a high speed whorl, and it becomes a great production spinning wheel, and it folds making it easier to carry to those important ‘spin-ins’.

It has all the features of the HoneyBee but we have added some options and made them standard on the CraftyBee. Bulky and Craft spinners will be pleased with its 2 spinning ratios. The availability of ratios from 4:1 up to 20:1, custom made to order, in pairs, for production spinning.

The wheel axle is on two sealed bearings for ease of treadling and the flyer axle also has two bearings for quiet operation. The bobbins also have two sealed bearings for quiet operation. No other wheel offers sealed bearings at this price!

As with all our spinning wheels, the CraftyBee is made from solid hardwood. Available in Red Oak only. We do not use plywood or MDF on our spinning wheels. We want our wheels to be heirloom quality spinning wheels that will last for generations to come.

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28 inches tall
Orifice height is 27 inches
Delta orifice with sliding hook flyer
4:1 and 6:1 spinning ratios is standard, any pair between 4:1 up to 20:1 can be ordered separately.
16 inch solid hardwood wheel
Solid hardwood frame
18 inch by 18 inch base occupies a small area but is exceptionally stable. Folds to 18 inches x 10 inches
Folding requires folding up the base and putting the pin in a special hole to secure the base upright.
Assembly requires putting in 2 screws to fasten the upright and wheel to the base. Putting the footmen on, and putting the flyer assembly on. 10 minutes (maybe less!)
Double treadle for ease of operation
Single drive with Scotch Tension
Weighs approximately 15 pounds.

3 bobbins (One plying bobbin, 7.25 inches long and 4.75 inches diameter, is included with CraftyBee Flyer. 2 spinning Jumbo Bobbins 4.75 inches diameter x 4.25 inches long) and Jumbo Flyer are included. Built in Lazy Kate. Quick change flyer is the same flyer design used on our more expensive spinning wheels.

One Year Guarantee

Finishing with Danish Oil is available on request at an additional cost of $120.00

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MSRP $475.00 plus shipping

See accessories listings for extra bobbins, Free standing Lazy Kate, and extra whorls.