About us

We started as a hobby business and quickly learned that building spinning wheels for the Fiber Arts Market was going to be a very exciting market to be involved with. We have developed a number of very affordable and durable products to meet the demands of the market. The use of computer operated equipment allows us to consistently manufacture parts within tighter tolerances to provide a World Class Spinning Wheel for you. Our new equipment allows us to create unique designs on our wheels providing you with a spinning wheel like no other. Our HoneyBee and CraftyBee are the beginning of our new designs. We have lots of ideas so please come back and check for new designs. When you purchase a BlueBonnet Spinning Wheel you can rest assured it will last for generations. That is how we build them.

Now in our 6th year we are introducing the latest improvements to our HoneyBee Spinning Wheel. Adding a Jumbo Bobbin and Jumbo Flyer makes this Spinning Wheel truly a Worker Bee!

Thank you to all who have purchased one of our Spinning Wheels. We truly appreciate your confidence in us.